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With each show and each training I continue to develop my Stuntshow. The always new impressions and experiences I leave flute into the improvement of my trick flow. Taht means, my show is always excitingly, interesting and hard at the limit. That could be your program:

  • Wheelies-12 Clock (at the Limit) very slowly and steeply
  • Wheelie circles : (at the steering stop / on closest radius)
  • standing and sitting, one hand + no hand
  • Freehandle circles at the steering stop (standing or sitting)
  • Extrem-Stoppies for example: one hand / left hand one eighty (180°-turn)
  • Highchair-Wheelies one hand / no hand
  • Skidding (beside / slipping behind the Bike)
  • Donuts Burnout-circles in all variations
  • Rocket start
  • Drifts and slides
  • Surfer (standing on the tank)
  • and much more....