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No professional, ambitious sportsman gets along without energetic support of his sponsors. With me it is not different, why I would like to present here my main sponsors.

Since 2006 is Ducati Germany on my side. 2009 also Be Faster is interested on my artistic movement, by support me with a Ducati Monster 696. A luck grasp, because the monsters is a true Wheeliemachine. Their short wheel base and the minimalistic Design becomes property to my Stuntshows. In case of a case there cannot go such much broken. Besides the "Monster" make it easy for me, to pull my tricks.


The Speedforce company gives me the right sprocket and the boys of forum-technik.com manufacture on my desire with the "CNC Water jet technology" of them the chain wheels. For me very importantly, because like is so often valid: the more larger, so much better.